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 2016-2017 Tejas Star Reading List


The Tejas Star Reading List Committee of the Texas Library Association presents the 2016-2017 Tejas Star Reading List (TSRL). This annual list provides a recommended reading developed by TLA member librarians from the Texas Association of School Librarians (TASL), the Children’s Round Table, Public Library Division (PLD), and the Latino Caucus. The purpose of the list is to encourage children ages 5-12 to explore multicultural books and to discover the cognitive and economic benefits of bilingualism and multilingualism. The Tejas Star Reading List is intended for recreational reading, not to support a specific curriculum.  

Visit the 
TSRL site for lists from previous years and other Lariat materials. 

Bersani, Shennen. 2014. Achiss! La Importancia del polen. Abordale Publishing. ISBN: 9781628555684. (Ages 5-8)

Brown, Monica. Illustrator Diaz, David. 2015. Maya's Blanket/La Manta de MayaChildren's Book PressISBN: 9780892392926(Ages 5-8)

Contreras, Kathleen. Illustrator Lindmark, Margaret. 2014. Sweet Memories/Dulces RecuerdosLectorum Publications, Inc. ISBN: 9781933032917. (Ages 4-8)

Garza, Xaiver. 2015. The Donkey Lady Fights La Llorona and Other Stories. Arte Público Press.ISBN: 9781558858169(Ages 9-12)

Garza, Xaiver. 2015. The Great and Mighty Nikko!. Cinco Puntos Press. ISBN: 9781935955825. (Ages 3-7)

Iturralde, Edna. Illustrator Hauviller, Gastón. 2014. Conoce a/Get to Know Miguel Cervantes. Santillana USA Publishing Company. ISBN: 9781614353522. (Ages 9-12)

Iturralde, Edna. Illustrator Alvarez, Ytziar Cori. 2014. Conoce a/Get to Know Simon BolivarSantillana USA Publishing Company. ISBN: 9781614353485. (Ages 9-12)

Klepeis, Alicia Z. Illustrator Undercuffler, Gary.  2015. Francisco's Kites/Las cometas de Francisco. Arte Público Press. ISBN: 9781558858046. (Ages 4-8)

Laínez, René. Illustrator Ink, Lancman. 2014. Juguemos al fútbol y footbal /Let's Play Fútbol and FootballSantillana USA Publishing Company. 9780882723280. (Ages 4-8)

Lázaro, Georgina. Illustrator Yockteng, Rafael. 2014. Gabriel Garcia Marquez Gabito. Lectorum Publications, Inc. ISBN: 9781933032856. (Ages 9-12)

León, Lázaro Georgina. Illustrator Palacios, Helena Sara.  2014. Conoce a/Get to Know Gabriela Mistral. Santillana USA Publishing CompanyISBN: 9781631130076. (Ages 9-12)

León, Lázaro Georgina. Illustrator Cis, Valeria. 2014. Conoce a/Get to Know Pablo Neruda. Santillana USA Publishing Company. ISBN: 9781614353478. (Ages 9-12)

Liniers, Ricardo Siri. 2015. Escrito Y Dibuajdo Por Enriqueta. TOON Books. 9781935179917(Ages 5-8)

Mora, Pat. Illustrator Casilla, Robert. 2015. The Remembering Day/El Dia de los Muertos. Arte Público Press. 9781558858053. (Ages 4-8)

Oritz, Raquel M. Illustrator Dominguez, Maria. 2015. Sofia and the Magic, Musical Mural/Sofi y el mágico mural musical. Arte Público Press. ISBN: 9781558858039. (Ages 4-7)

Rivera-Ashford, Capin Roni. Illustrator Castro, Antonio. 2015. My Tata's Remedies/ Los remedios de mi tata. Cinco Puntos Press. 9781935955894. (Ages 7-11)

Torres, Jennifer. Illustrator Alarcao, Renato. 2015. Finding the Music/ En pos de la músicaChildren's Book Press. ISBN: 9780892392919. (Ages 6-9) 

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