Newly Elected Executive Board Members and Unit Chairs

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The Election Results Are In!

TLA congratulates the following winners of the Executive Board and unit elections managed by Survey and Ballot Systems (SBS).   

New TLA Executive Board candidates are nominated by the current board and then selected in a yearly general election by the membership held in February. The Board meets during annual conference and annual assembly; in addition, the group typically convenes in late spring and in early December. 

Ling Hwey Jeng has been elected as President-Elect for the term beginning after the close of Council in April. Her presidential conference will be in Dallas in April 2018. 

Janice Newsum will join the Board as Representative-at-Large, replacing Jennifer LaBoon whose term will end.

District 5/Chair-Elect - LaMoya Burks
District 5/Councilor - Peace Ossom Williamson  
District 5/Councilor Alternate - Chad Hetterley
District 5/Secretary - Audrey Hopkins  
District 5/Treasurer - Claudia Wayland
District 5/Webmaster - Erin Mattei  

District 8/Chair-Elect - Kelsey Brett  
District 8/Treasurer - Kimberly Herrington      

District10/Chair-Elect - Lisa Kulka    
District 10/Councilor  - Natalie Morgan
District 10/Councilor Alternate - Nancy Kaida  
District 10/Secretary/Treasurer - Lori Laguna  

College and University Libraries Division/Chair-Elect - Edward Kownslar    
College and University Libraries Division/Councilor - Sarah Northam
College and University Libraries Division/Secretary/Treasurer - Peace Ossom Williamson  

Public Libraries Division/Chair-Elect - Jennifer Schwartz  
Public Libraries Division/Secretary - Deborah Brown  

Texas Association of School Libraries/Chair-Elect - Katherine DiPronio  
Texas Association of School Libraries/Councilor - Susi Grissom
Texas Association of School Libraries/Councilor Alternate - Jo Anne Reed  
Texas Association of School Libraries/Secretary - Lucy Podmore  

Acquisitions and Collection Development Round Table/Chair-Elect - Laurel Crawford
Acquisitions and Collection Development Round Table/Councilor - Victoria Kemp  
Acquisitions and Collection Development Round Table/Councilor-Alternate - Debbie Hathaway  
Acquisitions and Collection Development/Secretary-Treasurer - Catherine Urban  

Archives, Genealogy and Local History Round Table/Chair-Elect - Charles Voellinger  
Archives, Genealogy and Local History Round Table/Councilor - Beverly Ingle  
Archives, Genealogy and Local History Round Table/Councilor-Alternate - Susan Chandler
Archives, Genealogy and Local History Round Table/Secretary-Treasurer - Taylor Fox          

Black Caucus/Chair-Elect - Roosevelt Weeks  
Black Caucus/Councilor - Janice Newsum *  
Black Caucus/Councilor-Alternate - Felice Sanders-Johnson          
Black Caucus/Secretary/Treasurer - Mary Ashford  (Tie**) 
Black Caucus/Secretary/Treasurer - Cynthia Davis-Cook  (Tie**)

* Janice Newsum subsequently resigned as BCRT Councilor, and the position will be filled by Felice Sanders-Johnson. The position of Councilor-Alternate will be filled by BCRT.
**To break tie, Mary Ashford has assumed role as Treasurer and Cynthia Davis-Cook has assumed position of Secretary.  

Children's Round Table/Chair-Elect - Laurie Kirkscey
Children's Round Table/Councilor - Ty Burns  
Children's Round Table/Councilor-Alternate - Jayce Senter  
Children's Round Table/Secretary-Treasurer - Selma Flores  

Reference and Information Services Round Table/Chair-Elect - Tracy Timmons
Reference and Information Services Round Table/Secretary-Treasurer - John Becker  

Small Community Libraries Round Table/Chair-Elect - Denise Bortolussi  
Small Community Libraries Round Table/Councilor - Pattie Mayfield
Small Community Libraries Round Table/Councilor-Alternate - Russell Keelin  
Small Community Libraries Round Table/Secretary - Brandi Collard
Small Community Libraries Round Table/Treasurer - Susie Pulley

Supervision, Management, and Administration Round Table/Chair-Elect - Laurel Crawford    
Supervision, Management, and Administration Round Table/Secretary-Treasurer - Emily Billings    

Tall Texans Round Table/Chair-Elect - Michael Mendez      
Tall Texans Round Table/Secretary-Treasurer - Lydia Willms      

Young Adult Round Table/Chair-Elect - Dana Hutchins
Young Adult Round Table/Secretary - Ariel Cummins   


Congratulations to all!


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