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TLA's Open Letter to Killeen Mayor and City Council Members

AUSTIN – The following open letter was released by the Texas Library Association (TLA) and addressed to Killeen Mayor and City Council Members in regards to Killeen's Copper Mountain Library Branch. TLA has requested that the letter be read aloud at the City Council meeting Tuesday, September 13, 2016, where the city will vote to cut or keep the the Copper Mountain Branch Library.


September 12, 2016

Killeen Mayor Segarra and City Council Members
PO Box 1329
Killeen, Texas 76540

Jose L. Segarra 
Juan Rivera
Councilmember At Large
Jonathan Okray
Councilmember At Large
Dick Young
Councilmember District #2 
Brockley Moore
Mayor Pro Tem
Councilmember District #4 
Gregory Johnson
Councilmember At Large 
Shirley Fleming
Councilmember District #1
Jim Kilpatrick
Councilmember District #3 

Dear Mayor Segarra and City Council Members,

The 7,000 members of the Texas Library Association know libraries bring great value to their communities.  We are writing to express our association’s support for Killeen’s Copper Mountain Library Branch. We urge you to save the Copper Mountain Library and confirm to the residents of Killeen that you have their best interest.  

Libraries support learning, research, business and entrepreneurship, innovation, workforce development, community inclusion, and much more.  Texas libraries have been at the forefront of helping small business owners and entrepreneurs develop their enterprises, as well as supporting members of the community as they look for jobs, build career skills, and prepare for today’s challenging and changing workforce landscape. Texas libraries provide a forum and means for people to come together, learn, and tackle today’s most difficult social issues while continuing to promote literacy and lifelong learning.

You are aware of the impact this branch has on your community, and the number of people who are served there every day. As Killeen resident Stephanie Moody as stated in the Killen Daily Herald, the number of people served at this branch are “neck-and neck” with those served at the downtown library.

From literacy efforts to digital resources, we appreciate the resources you provide through your library system to families of all socio-economic backgrounds. On behalf of the Executive Board of TLA and the members of the Texas library community, we thank you for lending your support to the betterment and enrichment of Killeen’s communities.


Walter Betts 
Texas Library Association
          Pat Smith, 
Executive Director
Texas Library Association


Created on Sep 12, 2016 | Last updated September 12, 2016