2017 Election Results

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The following individuals were elected in the 2017 election conducted by Survey and Ballot Systems, Inc. (SBS), an independent third party. In addition to the TLA Executive Board election, five units opted to participate in TLA's online election system. These newly-elected individuals will assume office at the close of the 2017 conference in San Antonio. 

TLA Executive Board 
President: Ling Hwey Jeng (automatic succession) 
President-Elect: Jennifer LaBoon 
Treasurer: Edward Melton 
Representative-at-Large: Marty Rossi 
Representative-at-Large: Daniel Burgard 

Texas Association of School Librarians 
Chair-Elect: Nancy Jo Lambert 

Supervision, Management, and Administration Round Table
Chair-Elect: Robin Swaringen 
Secretary-Treasurer: Janet Cox 

TALL Texans Round Table 
Chair-Elect: Jacqueline Higginbotham 
Secretary-Treasurer: Martha Rinn 
Councilor: Jan Hodge 
Councilor-Alternate: Laura Stiles 

Young Adult Round Table 
Chair-Elect: Naomi Bates 
Secretary-Treasurer: Lorraine Roussin 
Councilor: Sonja Schulz 
Councilor-Alternate: Kelly Wadyko 

District 5 
Chair-Elect: Gail Shipley 
Treasurer: Benjamin Baron 

District 8 
Chair-Elect: John Harbaugh 
Secretary: Garrette Smith 
Treasurer: Connie Doolin 
Councilor: Elizabeth Nebeker 
Councilor-Alternate: Lisa Loranc 
Webmaster: Erin Cassidy 




Created on Mar 21, 2017 | Last updated March 21, 2017