TLA Statement on Discriminatory Legislation

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Texas’ libraries are open to, and serve, all Texans. They are places where community members go to learn, create and find resources to help them build rewarding lives.

The Texas Library Association’s almost 7,000 members are a diverse community of library professionals and supporters, who share a passion for literacy and lifelong learning, are committed to making a difference in local communities and organizations, believe intellectual freedom is essential, and seek to provide equitable access to information in a changing environment. TLA members are socially responsible and, as public servants, seek to act for the public good.

TLA’s mission is to empower library personnel and supporters to develop and support excellence in library resources and services for the people of Texas. Our core values of equity, diversity and inclusiveness are essential to our vision of a future where each and every Texan recognizes the value that libraries bring to their lives.

Therefore, TLA opposes any policy proposal, legislation or regulation that conflicts with the association’s core values of equity, diversity and inclusiveness, negatively impacts our ability to do business, and has an adverse effect on the Texas economy.

Created on Jul 24, 2017 | Last updated July 24, 2017