Librarian Recognition

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with little or no money

  1. Provide opportunities to develop new skills
    1. Obtain specialized training for employee
    2. Underwrite and make available language training
    3. Allow employee to take training classes, attend professional meetings or conferences and complete required work during work hours
  2. Enrich the job of a good employee
    1. Allow the staff member to integrate personal interests into programs or bibliographies (genealogy, knitting, old movies, etc.)
    2. Allow the staff member to run a blog or issue a newsletter on a subject of personal interest as that ties in with the library’s mission
    3. Reimburse travel and/or provide time off for professional meetings and travel
    4. Ask what other areas the staff member would like to learn or be trained in
    5. Allow the staff member to sit in on interview panels for other professional positions
  3. Expand the scope of the job for good performers (related to enrichment)
    1. Add an area for collection development responsibility
    2. Add primary responsibility for first draft strategic planning in job area
    3. Allow the staff member to create an online exhibit
    4. Have the staff member teach an in-service class on something related to his/her job
    5. Solicit “brainstorming” input for strategic planning in staff member’s job area
    6. Assign the staff member a special project
    7. Assign the staff member ownership of a project or task
  4. Provide recognition for good performance
    1. Have a professional name-plate or business cards printed up
    2. Create a new title
    3. Give recognition at professional meetings or events
    4. Introduce the staff member to the Mayor, Commission or City Manager
    5. Have regular “check-in” sessions one-on-one with the director
    6. Make sure the staff member gets credit for their ideas
    7. Make the staff member the library’s liaison with a specific public entity or community group as appropriate
    8. Issue a “Director’s note” for special performance
    9. Provide a designated parking space and put up a sign with the staff member’s name
  5. Build morale
    1. Have brown-bag lunches once a quarter or once a month
    2. Allow sick leave to be used for elder care or sick child care
    3. Express sincere sympathy & caring for tough personal times
    4. Inquire about their health and listen carefully to response
    5. Give extra lunch time for special performance
    6. Provide a personal alert for areas/authors of special personal interest
    7. Use staff working groups
    8. Have potluck luncheons
    9. Send immediate “Congrats!” emails and post them where all staff will see
    10. Set up hot coffee and tea for a day
    11. Run a staff summer reading club with a small prize
    12. Allow the perk of first reserve for staff
    13. Institute at least some version of flexible scheduling/flex time
    14. Recognize staff birthdays
    15. Have an open door policy for all employees
    16. Institute an “employee-of-the-month” recognition program
Created on Apr 5, 2010 | Last updated April 05, 2010