School Libraries

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Statistics & Research: School Libraries & Librarian

 CURRENT statistics from the Texas Education Agency. Note that there is no comprehensive statewide data for individual programming elements in Texas school libraries.

Texas Data

Number of Schools including charters (2013): 8,555

Total Number of Students, including pre-K (2013-2014): 5,151,923

FTE School Librarians (as reported to TEA, 2013-2014): 4,602

2013 Budgeted Financial Data:

All Funds Receipts: 49,335,951,227; Per Student: 9,614
Program Expenditures: Instructional Resources & Media, Function 12 (Library Media Services): $ 600,793,214
Expenditure per Student: $117
Percentage of Expenditures on Library/Media Services per pupil: 1.45% of all expenditures

Statistics from TEA statewide budget totals and Snapshot Data.

The National Center for Education Statistics maintains national school library data. However, the most recent information published is for 1999-2000. See School Library Publications.

Created on Apr 6, 2010 | Last updated October 16, 2014