In this issue: CALL  to ACTION on SB1

We are now in the last phase of budget negotiations. Library supporters are urged to contact legislators to gather support for funding for library programs. It is now or never for library resource sharing (K-12 databases and TexShare) funding.

What to ask for?

We are asking for the SB 1 Conference Committee to:

  1. fund library resource sharing in the State Libraryís budget (Article I). Both the House and Senate designated funding for library resource sharing (which includes TexShare and the K-12 databases) in Article XI. Without an increase of at least $2.5 mil, K-12 kids, college students, and the public will lose some access to existing resources! Without an increase to match program cost increases over the next two years, our public will face cuts in services!
  2. take the House recommendations for the Texas State Library and Archives Commissionís budget (in Article I) for Direct Aid: Loan Star Libraries ($4.7 mil) and Regional Systems ($2 mil).
  3. take other House and Senate recommendations for other exceptional items for the State Library, including the Talking Book Program, salary equity, and the expansion of the state archives.

What to say?

Make the case for library programs. Explain, in your own words, why these library programs are needed and what benefit they have for constituents back home.

Who to email?

  1. Your own representative and senator. To find who represents you and for contact information, go to:
  2. Lt. Governor David Dewhurst: (fill in the contact form)
  3. Speaker Joe Straus:
  4. If you personally know one of the conference committee members below, please contact them.

Conference Committee members

For contact information, House ( and Senate (

Sen. Steve Ogden (co-chair)
Sen. Chuy Hinojosa
Sen. Florence Shapiro
Sen. Royce West
Sen. Tommy Williams
Rep. Jim Pitts (co-chair)
Rep. Ruth McClendon
Rep. John Otto
Rep. Richard Raymond
Rep. John Zerwas