Posted: December 16, 2009 • LEGISLATIVE ISSUES NETWORK

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Jobs for Main Street Bill Proposal to Include Librarian Jobs

The American Library Association has just sent out the following information.

The Jobs for Main Street Bill is coming to the House floor today (much sooner than expected). Library supporters are urged to contact their U.S. Congressman today and both Senators tomorrow to get librarian jobs included in the Main Street Jobs Bill. The American Library Association has made a proposal to include librarian jobs in the bill by requesting that $650 million be appropriated to the Institute of Museum and Library Services for that purpose.

Go to the Legislative Action Center to access your representatives directly.


Libraries and librarians are at the forefront of helping the unemployed obtain needed job skills and look for work. Since libraries are the only source of no-fee Internet access for 71 percent of Americans, libraries are becoming the center of job searches for the unemployed. Since many job applications are now submitted online, a lack of Internet access could mean a lack of opportunity to apply for jobs.

Unfortunately, these services are being threatened as librarians are losing their jobs due to state and local budget shortfalls. Without staff, libraries are often forced to reduce hours or even close, which limits the ability of the unemployed to access resources at the times they need it most.

Please include $650 million for libraries that the American Library Association has proposed in the Jobs for Main Street Act. The additional funds would enable libraries to restore jobs and hire new staff, which would lead to increased hours and resources for the public. The public would then be able to use the free Internet access to look for jobs, take advantage of library classes to develop job skills, use the small business resources to build business plans, and much more.