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Survey Data

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Public LibrarieS are valuable to Texans – especially in hard economic times.

  • An overwhelming majority of Texas voters say their public library is very important (79%, with an additional 13% saying fairly important) to their community and 90% are satisfied with their public library (including 72% who are very or extremely satisfied).
  • Nine in ten agree (90%) that during economic hard times, public libraries provide important resources to families and job seekers, and 83% believe public libraries support the economy through job skills training, career and job information and resources for local businesses.
  • Libraries provide critical opportunities and services for Texans.
    Texas voters are nearly unanimous that public libraries create educational opportunities for all citizens (97% agree including 78% who strongly agree) and 95% believe public libraries improve the quality of life in their community.
  • Texans say many library services are very important to the community: 83% say reading programs and organized activities for children and young people is very important and 80% say free access to diverse and current books and other information is very important.

School Libraries are vital to education – and Texans are willing to vote in support of them.

  • Nearly all Texans (99% including 84% who strongly agree) believe school libraries are an essential part of the education experience and more than nine in ten agree (94%) that school librarians are critical to student achievement.
  • The vast majority (93%) would support legislation that would require public schools to provide students with a school library and librarian that meets statewide standards.  More than eight in ten voters across every demographic segment and geographic region support the legislation, including 88% of Republicans, 95% of Democrats and 96% of Independents.  
Created on Apr 10, 2010 | Last updated September 22, 2011