2017-2018 Tejas Star Reading List

2017-2018 list as a PDF

The Tejas Star Reading List Task Force annually selects a recommended reading list of bilingual English/Spanish books or books written in Spanish from books published in the three years prior to the list being published. The list is prepared for use by children ages 5-12.

The Tejas Star Reading List is intended for recreational reading, not to support a specific curriculum. Due to the diversity of this age range, Texas librarians should purchase titles on this list according to their individual collection policies.

2017-2018 Commitee Members

Gabriela Bustamante (Chair)

Prisciliana Delgado

Daniela Guardiola

Lisa Katzenstein

Margaret Longoria

Selenia Paz (Vice-Chair)

Joy Prather

Erica Salinas

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Agard, John. Libro: una autobiografía. (Book: My autobiography).  Illustrated by Neil Packer. Translated by Diana Luz Sánchez F. Editorial Santillana S.A., 2016. ISBN: 9786070129483. (Ages 10-13)

Argueta, Jorge. Salsa: un poema para cocinar / Salsa: A cooking poem. Groundwood Books. ISBN: 9781554984428. (Ages 6-11)

Argueta, Jorge. 2016. Somos como las nubes / We Are Like the Clouds.  Groundwood Books.  ISBN: 9781554988495. (Ages 9-12)

Bradley, Kimberly Brubaker. 2016. La guerra que salvó mi vida. ( The War that Saved My Life). Editorial Santillana S. A.,  ISBN: 9786070128875. (Ages 9-12)

Brown, Dinah. 2015.  ¿Quién es Malala Yousafzai? (Who is Malala Yousafzai?) Santillana USA.  ISBN: 9781631134180. (Ages 8-12)

Bryant, Jennifer. 2016. La palabra exacta: Roget y su tesauro. (The Right Word: Roget and his thesaurus).   Editorial Santillana S. A.  ISBN: 9786070129889. (Ages 8-12)

Buitrago, Jairo. 2016. Dos conejos blancos. (Two White Rabbits). Groundwood. ISBN: 9781554989034. (Ages 4-7)

Campoy, F. Isabel. 2014. Poesía eres tú: antología poética. (Poetry Is You: An anthology of poetry).  Santillana USA. ISBN: 9781631139642. (Ages 7-10)

Cohen-Janca, Irene. 2016. El último viaje del doctor Korczak y sus hijos. (Mister Doctor: Janusz Korczak and the orphans of the Warsaw ghetto).  Santillana S.A.,  ISBN: 9786070129926. (Ages 9-12)

Delacre, Lulú. 2016. ¡Olinguito, de La A a la Z! Descubriendo el bosque nublado / Olinguito, from A to Z! Unveiling the cloud forest.   Lee & Low Books Inc., 2016. ISBN: 9780892393275. (Ages 5-11)  

Gay, Marie-Louise. 2015. ¿Alguna pregunta? (Any Questions?) Santillana S.A.  ISBN: 9786070128073. (Ages 6-9)

Maa'Dhoor, Lilian. Illustrator. 2016. Palabrerías: retahílas, trabalenguas, colmos y otros juegos de palabras. (Palavers: mantras, tongue twisters, “colmos” and other Spanish language word games). Santillana USA. ISBN: 9781682922286. (Ages 6-12)

MacLachlan, Patricia. 2016. Los matices de Matisse. (The Iridescence of Birds).  Editorial Santillana S. A.  ISBN: 9786070129933. (Ages 4-7)

Marshall, Linda Elovitz. 2016. Rainbow Weaver = Tejedora del arcoiris. Lee & Low,  ISBN: 9780892393749. (Ages 5-8)

Mistral, Gabriela. 2016. Rondas, poemas y jugarretas. (Circle songs, Poems and silly games).  Santillana USA. ISBN: 9781682921234. (Ages 8-11)

Pelegrín, Ana. 2014. Letras para armar poemas. (Letters to Assemble Poems). Editorial Santillana S. A.  ISBN: 9786070131059. (Ages 8-12)

Saldaña Jr., René. 2016. Un misterio más grande que grandísimo: Colección Mikey Rangel, detective privado / A Mystery Bigger than Big: A Mickey Rangel Mystery. Arte Público Press.  ISBN: 9781558858244. (Ages 8-11)

Smith, David. 2015. ¿Y Si...? Una increíble forma de percibir la realidad. (If: A Mind-Bending New Way of Looking at Big Ideas and Numbers).  Santillana S.A.  ISBN: 9786070128080. (Ages 8-11)

Tavares, Matt. 2015. Llegar a ser pedro. (Growing up Pedro). Candlewick. ISBN: 9780763679804. (Ages 8-12)

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