Texline 270: Senate Finance Hearing and Budget Markups

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Posted: March 2, 2011

In this issue:

  1. Senate Finance Hearings
  2. Budget Markups

Senate Finance Hearing

The Senate Finance Committee is scheduled to hear testimony on the State Library’s budget on March 7 at 2:30 pm or upon adjournment. The hearing will take place in Room E1.036.

Senate Finance Committee members are: Steve Ogden, Chair; Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa, Vice Chair; Bob Deuell; Robert Duncan; Kevin Eltife; Craig Estes; Eddie Lucio; Jane Nelson; Dan Patrick; Kel Seliger; Florence Shapiro; Royce West; John Whitmire; Tommy Williams; and Judith Zaffirini.
Library supporters are urged to contact their senators (especially if they serve on the Finance Committee) and ask them to support library programs. Tell them why library programs are essential and what the loss of funding for the K-12 databases, TexShare, and Loan Star Libraries (direct aid to public libraries) will mean to the students and people of Texas.

The current draft of the state budget eliminates all state funding for these programs. To learn more, see Texline 265.
To email your senator on the importance of restoring funds to libraries, go to: Protect Statewide Library Program. Please take the time customize the message. The template language is provided as a starting point. Get your library’s supporters to also contact legislators.
Budget Markups

Also, please note that the House Appropriations Committee is finalizing budget recommendations for TEA. Be sure to contact your state representative and let them know that funding for the K-12 databases must be restored. Use the link above to send a message.
House Appropriations Committee members are: Jim Pitts, Chair; Sylvester Turner, Vice-Chair; Jimmie Don Aycock; Angie Chen Button; Warren Chisum; Myra Crownover, Drew Darby; Dawnna Dukes; Craig Eiland; Helen Giddings; Lance Gooden; Scott Hochberg; Eric Johnson; Susan King; Dee Margo; Armando Martinez; Ruth Jones McClendon; Doug Miller; Geanie Morrison; John Otto; Diana Patrick; Debbie Riddle; Charles Schwertner; Mark Shelton; Raul Torres; Mike Villareal; and John Zerwas.
Appropriation Committee members working on the TEA budget recommendations include Rep. Hochberg, Chair (District 137); Rep. Aycock (District 54); Rep. Crownover (District 64); Rep. Giddings (District 109); Rep. Morrison (District 30); Rep. Patrick (District 94); and Rep. Villareal (District 123).

The budget process is far from over, and library supporters are urged to continue contacting elected officials (in both the House and Senate) about the need to restore library funding. We must keep contacting elected officials throughout the session.

  • Go to: TAKE ACTION! Recruit friends and supporters to send messages.
  •  Send faxes and make phone calls.
  • Post messages on social media sites.

Here’s a sample Facebook message (with links).

Texas Library Association
<http://www.facebook.com/TexasLibraryAssociation> Take Action NOW!! This link is set up to send an email to your legislators. You can customize your message to describe the negative impact of budget cuts. Pass this link along to everyone and anyone to have them send an email to help restore library funding.

Library Issues & Taking Action | Texas Library Association <

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To subscribe to Texline, send an email to gloriam@txla.org and specify that you would like to be added to the Texline list.


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