TLA Internship Program

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TLA Intern Program

This purpose of this plan is to embed Library Science graduate students in select TLA committees (Disaster Relief, Diversity & Inclusion, Intellectual Freedom, Leadership Development, Legislative, Profession Issues & Ethics, and Public Relations & Marketing). See for details on the work of these committees.


  • Encourage participation in the association by student members
  • Add to committee diversity by including new people entering the profession
  • Provide a “face-to-face” educational experience for library students

Eligibility Requirements

  • Enrollment in a graduate program (leading to either an MLS/MLIS degree or Texas School Librarian certification) at a Texas university
  • Library School Student membership in the Texas Library Association (either TLA membership or TLA/ALA joint membership)
  • No previous appointments as a TLA or ALA intern, or as a member of a TLA committee

Application Requirements

Interns must submit an application for one or more specific committees:

  • contact information for a faculty member who can provide a recommendation
  • an unofficial transcript showing coursework completed in the program (or verification from the school office), and
  • an essay describing why they want to work with the identified committees (less than 300 words)

See program links below for specific instructions; applications due February 1, 2017.

Sam Houston State University
Texas Woman's University
University of Houston - Clear Lake
University of North Texas
University of Texas at Austin

Intern Responsibilities

  • Interns will agree to attend Assembly (no registration fee for this event)
  • Interns will agree to register for Conference (complimentary registration provided by TLA)
  • Interns will agree to attend any virtual meetings held outside of Assembly or Conference
  • Interns will be non-voting participants in all meetings
  • Interns will keep minutes for all meetings, and submit them to the Committee chair
  • Other duties as agreed upon by the chair and intern. Estimated time commitment is about 1 hour per month on average, somewhat more as the TLA conference approaches.
  • Maintain enrollment in graduate program through the appointment (graduation in May after Conference is appropriate)

Chair & Committee Responsibilities

  • Welcome the intern in all meetings, and include the intern in all discussions
  • Work with the intern to clearly communicate any duties outside of taking minutes
  • As requested, provide a reference for the intern

Graduate Program Responsibilities

  • Publicize the TLA Intern Program
  • Collect submitted applications unless otherwise agreed
  • (Optional) Verify enrollment in good standing (if unofficial transcript above not used)
  • Send applications to the TLA Office by February 10, 2017
  • Encourage Interns to include materials from their Internships in their portfolios

Association Responsibilities:

  • Publicize the TLA Intern Program
  • Recognize Interns (certificate, TLJ, etc.)
  • Foster mentorship between chair and intern
  • Provide complimentary full registration for Conference
  • Three complimentary lunches at TLA Conference

For additional information, contact Ted Wanner.

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