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  • TLACast is an irregular publication that is usually published six to eight times a year. Although subject to change, typical months of publication are: January, February, March, May/June, July/August, September/October, November/December.
  • TLACast is not published during the month of the TLA conference.
  • Material is published in TLACast on a space available basis and preference is given to the activities of TLA and TLA units. Articles about individual libraries will be published as space allows. All articles are subject to editing as needed.

Because it is an irregular publication, there is no set deadline for TLACast. To be considered, materials should be submitted as early as possible. The editor will consider all important deadlines and other pertinent dates in planning when to publish material; however, contributors should alert TLA staff to date-sensitive materials when submitting.

TLA units are encouraged to send information on meetings, awards, conference programs, names for recognition, etc., to the attention of Wendy Woodland at the TLA office.  Information on district meetings should be submitted prior to September 1.  

The editorial policy states that authorship is not attributed to any author unless the article conveys a personal opinion or call for legislative action. Articles reprinted from other publications are also attributed as appropriate.

Submissions may be emailed to Wendy Woodland, TLA Director of Communications.

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