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The 84th Session

As the 84thRegular Session winds down, libraries have cause for celebration. TLA is pleased to report that, late last week, members of the Budget Conference Committee voted to approve additional funding for State Library programs, including Shared Digital Content, e-archives, staff salary, and other items. At this point, we do not expect any changes to these recommendations. Now, both the House and Senate must each give final approval of the Conference Committee recommendations. Once the Legislature passes the budget, then the Governor must sign the budget (or exercise his line item veto power).  Upon approval by the Governor, the budget (and funding for all programs – including libraries!) becomes law.

So, while we can’t quite yet open the bottle of champagne, we can take out the glasses!

Thanks to everyone for their hard work and support of library funding and programs at the Texas State Library and Archives Commission. We also thank the legislators who supported our programs throughout the session. A full write-up will be available once the 84th Legislature concludes its regular session.

Brief overview of some State Library Funding Requests

  • Base budget (i.e., money for current program and services) – Fully Funded
  • Request for Shared Digital Content (i.e., additional funds for TexShare/TexQuest) - $6 million (of $6.9 m requested)
  • Request for new funds for e-archives program – $707k funded (out of $900K requested)
  • Request for library workforce training support ($500K) – not funded
  • Request for agency salary increases - $400k funded (of $900K requested)
  • Request for records management FTEs – not funded

We are very pleased that so many requests for additional funding were approved by the Conference Committee. This additional state funding will position the State Library and libraries throughout Texas to deepen their support of the educational and economic needs of the people of our state.

In other measures, several legislative proposals are wending their way through the legislative process.  

  • HB 1475 (Author: Aycock | et al.): Relating to telecommunications service discounts for educational institutions, libraries, hospitals, and telemedicine centers. This bill died in committee.
  • HB 1799 (Author: Thompson, Senfronia): Relating to the adoption of the Uniform Electronic Legal Material Act. This bill will likely die in committee.     
  • SB 1188 (Author: Seliger): Relating to a study on the feasibility of requiring certain researchers to make research papers available to the public. This bill did  not make it to the full House for final approval by the Legislature.             
  • SB 1668 (Author: Zaffirini): Relating to an online searchable central grant database. This bill died in committee.
  • SB 20 /HB 3241 (Author: Nelson | et al.): Relating to state agency contracting; authorizing fees; creating an offense. Conference Committee appointed.            
  • SB 1609 (Author: Huffines): Relating to a study on relocating the Legislative Reference Library.  This bill died in committee.
  • HB 3127 (Author: King, Ken): Relating to the authority of certain telecommunications providers to commit to making infrastructure and  improvements in exchange for support from the universal service fund. This bill died in committee.       
  • HB 2796 (Author: King, Ken): Relating to the authority of certain telecommunications providers to commit to making infrastructure and network improvements. This bill died in committee.
  • HB 100/ SB 21 (Author: Zerwas | et al.): Relating to authorizing the issuance of revenue bonds to fund capital projects at public institutions of higher education. Conference Committee appointed.
  • HB 3492 (Author: Muñoz, Jr.): Relating to a permanent endowment to support the construction, acquisition, improvement, and equipping of buildings, facilities, and other improvements at public junior colleges. This bill died in committee.
  • HB 245 (Author: Longoria): Relating to a classroom teacher's lunch period. This bill died in committee.
  • HB 810 (Author: White, James | et al.): Relating to employment of persons with professional qualifications as public school teachers. This bill died in committee.
  • HB 2543 (Author: Farney): Relating to public school teacher performance appraisals, continuing education, professional development, career advancement, and compensation. This bill died in committee.
  • SB 893 (Identical to HB 2543;Author: Seliger | et al.): Relating to public school teacher performance appraisals, continuing education, professional development, career advancement, and compensation. This bill died in committee.                     


TLA’s Annual Assembly will convene in Austin at the Hyatt Regency, Tuesday, July 7, through Friday, July 10. This mid-summer planning conference offers a forum for members to come together and plan activities over the coming year.

In addition to unit and committee work meetings, several free CE programs, exhibits, a luncheon with a legislative speaker, and updates are offered. All members are welcomed to attend. The TLA Council and conference planning committees meet, and the forum offers an opportunity for members to learn more about TLA and how it works.

Annual Assembly, which is held in Austin, convenes officers and committees to plan the year's activities and events. Conference planning sessions includes program proposals and scheduling. In addition to work meetings, several programs and special activities are offered.


The 2015 TLA Annual Conference, held this April 14 -17, in Austin,  drew over 8,000 attendees. The convention showcased how libraries are at the forefront of changes in educational technology, digital publishing, and community initiatives for literacy and workforce development. Programs and activities examined innovative strategies libraries are using to advance education, literacy, and robust digital citizenship.

The conference featured a talented array of experts and leaders in all areas of information and library services. Keynote speakers included international best-selling author David Baldacci, journalist and author Cokie Roberts, musician and author Tish Hinojosa, US inaugural poet Richard Blanco, Caldecott Medal-winner Jerry Pinkney, best-selling graphic novelist Jeff Smith, and many others.

Librarians and library supporters attended over 400 sessions and events covering topics such as scholarly communications, ebooks and epublishing, learning strategies for physical and digital classrooms, development of cooperative community partnerships, and privacy, as well as the latest in literary materials and books.

The 2016 Annual Conference will be held in Houston, April 19-22. The theme for next year is “Libraries Open Opportunities!”


  • Program Recordings: 2015 Conference Recordings may be ordered using the link below.  All orders and payment must be sent to the TLA office.  Recordings were made of most sessions when speakers permit. Recordings Form .pdf
  • TLA 2015 Survey: TLA values your feedback. A detailed survey about the event may be found on the mobile app under "Post Conf Survey" near the bottom of the main menu, or you can also find it at this link: Post Conference Survey.
  • Conference Handouts: While some speakers did not provide handouts for their sessions, many did. These may be found on the web version of the conference app at under "Session Handouts." They may also be available on the smartphone version. The documents will soon be linked from this conference page as well.
  • Lost & Found: Please contact TLA by email ( or phone (800-580-2852). You may want to also contact your hotel if the item may have been lost there.
  • Continuing Education Credits: The TLA CE system allows users to print out certificates at their convenience. See Instructions for printing or go directly to the CE login page.
  • Relive #TXLA15 with Storify! Check out tweets, blog posts, photo essays, videos and more from annual conference. Thank you for sharing your #txla15 stories with us!
  • Housing for TLA 2016

TLA Announcements:


TLA wants to know what’s cool (and hot!) at your library! TLA's Cool Stuff promotes your most successful services, favorite displays, and any special projects and events at your library that you want the world to see.  What ideas did you take away from annual conference and have implemented in your library? What are your summer reading programs? Any end of year parties coming up? We want to know!

Check out TLA’s Cool Stuff board on Pinterest for ideas and inspiration from other great libraries. Want to see yours on the board? Send your photos or videos with a brief description to If your library has a Twitter account, include it in the email so we can give you a shout-out when we post your photos.

We know cool stuff happens in libraries every day, so this project is open year-round!

Please note that if you are submitting a photograph, you assume responsibility for having the authority to post the photo. This means that any photograph that includes children has been taken with the expressed permission of their parents and gives TLA permission to post.

Donation to TLA through Amazon

Getting some summer shopping done? Go to and select Texas Library Association as your charity of choice! Amazon will donate 0.5% of your purchase to TLA, which promotes literacy and education by supporting the tireless work of Texas educators and librarians. 

Donating to TLA

You can make a donation (which is completely tax deductible) to any of TLA’s funds. Go to for additional information.

You may also wish to consider perpetuating your legacy in TLA through planned giving.  Members can consider an outright financial gift, a bequest in their wills or trusts; or designating TLA as a beneficiary in their retirement plan or a life insurance policy.

Gifts and bequests can be earmarked for a special passion or need.  For example, Jim and Jeanette Larson recently fulfilled one of their passions by giving TLA $25,000 for an annual grant to a public library for mystery genre.  Planned giving can be designated for a TLA unit (e.g., division, round table, district, interest group) or activity such as leadership development or advocacy. Gifts can also be undesignated and assigned to the area of special need.

TLA can work with you to ensure that your interests and goals are achieved.  Please contact Executive Director Patricia Smith ( with any questions. 

Marketing Specialist on Board

The Texas library community has a new guide in its mission to create a communications strategy and marketing campaign to articulate the mission, vision and goals of stakeholders. Sara Ortiz has joined the staff of the Texas Library Association (TLA). Ortiz was previously at Scholastic, the world’s largest trade publisher and distributor for children’s books, as a marketing manager in library/education marketing and conventions.

TLA Executive Director Patricia Smith says, “Welcoming Sara Ortiz to the TLA family is a joy!  With her marketing experience and insights, she is uniquely qualified to be TLA’s first communications and marketing specialist.  She brings fresh, creative and engaging perspectives to help the Association advance innovative literacy and library initiatives in Texas.”

For more information, please read the press release.

TBA Coordinator Named

Sharon M. Lawler of San Antonio will serve as the

Texas Bluebonnet Award (TBA) coordinator for the term running from 2016 to 2019 coordinator.  As one of the largest TLA-affiliated awards, the TBA is a unique program that encourages reading for pleasure and is aimed at students in grades 3-6.

After serving a one-year internship term, Lawler will assume the role of coordinator at the close of the TLA conference in April 2016. Lawler’s responsibilities as coordinator will include guiding and directing the educational focus of the Texas Bluebonnet Award program.

MaryJo Humphreys is the current 2015-2016 TBA coordinator and will oversee Lawler’s internship until she assumes the role of coordinator at the close of the annual conference in April 2016. 

Recent Actions Taken by the TLA Executive Board and Council

The TLA Executive Board met on March 5-6, 2015, at the TLA office in Austin.  In addition to routine business matters, the Executive Board approved the following motions.

  1. Accepted the annual audit as presented.  2-1    
  2. Agreed to exempt the Woll Grant from the Board policy limiting annual expenditures to no more than 95% of the annual income until such time as funding becomes available. 
  3. Accepted the document titled “Qualifications, Responsibilities, and Code of Conduct for the Texas Bluebonnet Award Selection Committee,” as amended, and agreed to use the document as a template for all TLA reading list committees. 
  4. Agreed to recommend to Council a change in Standing Rule 9.T.2.a. with the following substitute language:  “These 10 members should reflect the diversity of Texas in terms of geographic and demographic balance” and that Rule 9.T.2.b. should reference this change also. 

During the TLA Annual Conference, the Executive Board met on April 13 and on April 17.  In addition to routine business matters, the Executive Board approved the following motions.

  1. Approved the consent agenda which included a resolution of appreciation for retiring TLA staff member Mary Ann Emerson; standing rule changes relating to the Tocker Foundation and TLA executive office charges for Council’s consideration; and election results.
  2. Approved Standing Rule changes to 9.S. and 9.T. for the TBA Selection and Program Committees with the understanding that the changes will be referred to the TLA Council. 
  3. Approved the external communications policy and associated rule changes with the understanding that the changes will be referred to the TLA Council.
  4. Approved the policy and standing rule changes regarding the Social Media Policy with the understanding that the changes will be referred to the TLA Council.
  5. Approved the recommendation that the Standing Rules of TLA be amended to include by reference a Code of Conduct for All TLA Events with the understanding that the recommendation will be referred to the TLA Council.
  6. Authorized the President, President-Elect, and Executive Director to have signature authority on all TLA banks and financial institutions.  Only one signature is required, and the Executive Director is the customary signer. 
  7. Appointed Sharon Lawler as the Texas Bluebonnet Award Coordinator beginning in April 2016 with a one year internship in 2015-2016. 
  8. Accepted the Texas Bluebonnet Award Coordinator’s 2015-2016 goals statement and the 2014-2015 statement of accomplishments and challenges. 

During the TLA Annual Conference, the Council of the Texas Library Association met on April 14 and April 17.  In addition to routine business matters, the Council approved the following motions.

  1. Amended Standing Rule 8.E. to delete reference to the Publications Committee which no longer exists.
  2. Amended Standing Rule 8.G. to add reference to the Association’s Social Media Policy for TLA units.
  3. Amended Standing Rule 8.H. to add reference to the Association’s External Communications Policy for TLA units.
  4. Amended Standing Rule 9.C. to add reference to the Association’s Social Media Policy for TLA standing and special committees.
  5. Amended Standing Rule 9.D. to add reference to the Association’s External Communications Policy for TLA standing and special committees.
  6. Amended Standing Rule 9.S.2. relating to the Texas Bluebonnet Award Program Committee.
  7. Amended Standing Rule 9.T.2. relating to the membership on the Texas Bluebonnet Award Selection Committee.
  8. Amended Standing Rule 9.W. relating to the Tocker Committee’s charge and membership.
  9. Amended Standing Rule 10.D. through 10.J. to consolidate into one statement.
  10. Amended Standing Rule 12.C. relating to a Code of Conduct for All Individuals at TLA Events.
  11. Approved a resolution honoring Mary Ann Emerson.


CE Logo

All webinars will be recorded. A link to the recording will be sent to all registrants (i.e. you may want to register even if you know you cannot attend the live event). All webinars will carry continuing education credit and some also have CE credit available for viewing the recording. See individual descriptions for details.  All listed presentatoin times are Central Daylight Time unless otherwise noted.

June 2015

June 4, 11:00amWhat’s New in Library Collections and Services | Dr. Julie Todaro (A to Z Series for Support Staff)
This introductory program describes the role of electronic resources in the library, from databases to eBooks. It includes basic techniques for working with these applications as well as the tools to use them, such as eReaders, smartphones, and tablets. The A to Z series is a premium program for library support staff. Click on the link above for more information.

June 10, 2:00pmIdentifying the Community Assets Your Library Needs | Mary Beth Harrington, CVA
All libraries whether school, public, academic or even special have had to navigate through challenging financial times.  Having done this, it is natural to feel one must hoard our limited resources or that we will always have to deal with less.  In this webinar, participants learn to understand and appreciate the assets model for community change pioneered by John Kretzmann and John McKnight.  They will also learn techniques to train their eyes on the assets in their community and how to mobilize these assets into effective collaborations.   The session explores the questions: What difference will it make to look at our community through its assets rather than its deficits? How can we go about discovering undervalued assets in our community? How can we be more inclusive in identifying our community’s potential? What happens when we bring the assets of our community together?  Participants are encouraged to attend the next webinar Building Strategic Partnerships for Your Library on Tuesday, August 25 from 2:00 – 3:00pm to learn the next steps to take once you have identified the assets you need. CLICK TO REGISTER 

July 2015

July 16, 11:00am and 2:00pmMaximizing the Life of Resources: Books, Discs, Flash Drives, and More | Dr. Julie Todaro (A to Z Series for Support Staff)
The instructor discusses the “care and feeding” of physical materials including basic book repair and caring for media (DVD’s and CDRoms) as well as USB drives and other hardware peripherals.

August 2015

August 13, 2:00pmAsset Based Community Development | Dr. Ling hwey Jeng
Asset-Based Community Development is a model for civic improvement which builds stronger, more sustainable communities by building on the skills of local residents and the services of local institutions. Dr. Ling hwey Jeng, Director of the School of Library and Information Studies at Texas Woman’s University, will introduce the concepts in ABCD and describe how libraries can play major active roles in community development by partnering with local nonprofit organizations and other stakeholders. CLICK TO REGISTER

August 25, 2:00pm | Building Strategic Partnerships for Your Library | Mary Beth Harrington, CVA
Libraries can no longer exist in a vacuum. In order for our libraries to remain sustainable, we need to start building partnerships with individuals and organizations in our community.  By first identifying our own self-interests and understanding and acknowledging the interests of others, we will be better able to build and sustain strategic partnerships.  Following this webinar, participants will understand partnerships better and be able to engage in them more effectively. Participants will also learn techniques to use when forming a collaboration with another organization, how to maintain these relationships and the steps for developing an easy memo of understanding or agreement that will (hopefully) keep everyone happy.  The session explores the questions: Why form collaborations and partnerships? How can we minimize the risks that come with partnerships? How can we organize an effective partnership?  Participation in the previous webinar Identifying the Community Assets Your Library Needs offered on Wednesday, June 10 from 2:00 – 3:00pm is helpful but not necessary.  CLICK TO REGISTER  

Library News

New Advocacy Resources for Texas Public Libraries

The Texas State Library & Archives Commission has purchased a statewide membership with United for Libraries for Texas public libraries with trustees, advisory boards, foundations, and/or friends groups. United for Libraries is the division of the American Library Association that works with groups who govern, support, and advocate for libraries.

United for Libraries provides information, resources, and training that is available only to members. Public libraries in Texas receive:

  • A subscription to the United for Libraries newsletter, The Voice for America’s Libraries. Newsletters are mailed directly to the library. However, if you would like to update the address(es), please contact United for Libraries at or (800) 545-2433, ext. 2161. Current and archived newsletters are available online in the members-only areas of the United for Libraries website.
  • Short Takes for Trustees, a series of 10 short videos (8-10 minutes each) that can be shown during Trustee meetings to stimulate discussion about the important role that Trustees play in the governance of their libraries.
  • Trustee Academy - online courses for trustees and advisory board members.
  • Engaging Today's Volunteers for Libraries and Friends - a three-part series of webcasts about working with the new generation of volunteers, and how libraries and Friends can attract them.
  • Friends & Foundations Zone, providing members-only access to toolkits, The Voice newsletter, publications, webinars, and more.
  • Trustee Zone, providing members-only access for advisory boards and trustees, with access to toolkits, The Voice newsletter, publications, practical guides, webinars, and more.
  • Eligibility for United for Libraries-sponsored awards. Libraries, trustees, and friends groups are also eligible for some member discounts with sponsored vendors.

If you have any trouble logging in or accessing the Texas resources, or need your login and password, contact United for Libraries at (800-545-2433, ext. 2161 or For questions about the Texas statewide membership in United for Libraries contact the State Library at, or call (800) 252-9386.

New Grant Opportunity for Libraries

The Ladd and Katherine Hancher Library Foundation will consider grant requests from Public Libraries serving populations of 50,000 or less.   Projects are reviewed for the level of educational contribution to the community.  Funding will not be considered for normal operating expenses, salaries or employee benefits. Grants can range from $2,000.00 to $40,000.00.

To learn more about this resource and to access information about the grant process and application, go to Hancher Library Foundation.

4,000-plus YA Fans and Authors Anticipated at Teen Book Festival

The Texas Teen Book Festival is one of the largest of its kind in the nation.  This year, the event will be held Saturday, September 26, at St. Edward’s University. Last year more than 4,000 YA enthusiasts attended the Teen Book Festival in 2014 to hear a lineup of 29 authors, the first year that the gathering was held at St. Edward’s University.

The Texas Teen Book Festival is produced and sponsored by the Texas Book Festival and BookPeople, with support from St. Edward’s University and Humanities Texas, and in partnership with the Austin Public Library Friends Foundation. It is free and open to the public, thanks to sponsors and volunteers.

A new component for this year’s gathering is the Texas Teen Book Festival Writing Contest, sponsored by Delacorte Press, an imprint of Random House Children's Books. Texas residents ages 11-18 are invited to submit an outline plus writing sample, between 20 and 30 pages, by July 1 to vie for in-depth editorial feedback from Delacorte professionals. Submissions will be judged in age groups 11-13 and 14-18, and three overall winners will be selected.

Also this year, the Austin Public Library Friends Foundation’s Badgerdog creative writing program will host their annual reading and celebration at the Fest. Follow the Fest on Facebook and Twitter, and check out the website for the latest announcements and news.

State Library to Offer "Great Book" Selection - Offer Your Input

Each year since 2000, a list of books representing the literary heritage of the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and the U.S. Virgin Islands is distributed by the Center for the Book as part of the National Book Festival, which is organized by the Library of Congress.

This year, the Texas State Library and Archives Commission wants you to help choose the 2015 Texas National Book Festival "Great Book." Festival organizers have asked that the books selected this year be either for children or young adults. Titles should celebrate the rich history, diversity, and unique heritage of the Lone Star State.  Entries complied through this survey will be tallied by TSLAC staff and a winner will be announced on June 14th, 2015. Deadline for entries is June 8, 2014. To participate, go to:


Names in the News 

  • Lisa Charbonnet has moved from her position of director of the Pflugerville Public Library to running her own consulting shop, Go-To Librarian.

  • Jennifer Coffey is serving as interim director at the Pflugerville Public Library.

  • Bella Karr Gerlich is the new dean of libraries at Texas Tech; she was formerly at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.
  • Lisa German has accepted the position of Dean of Libraries and Elizabeth D. Rockwell Chair at the University of Houston, effective August 1, 2015.

  • Georgia Harper has retired from her position as The University of Texas at Austin Libraries' Scholarly Communications Advisor.
  • Angela Hartman is the recipient of Roald Dahl Social Justice Award which recognized and encourages collaboration between teachers and school librarians in teaching social justice through programs.

  • Kathy Hillman was elected president of the Baptist General Convention of Texas and is only the second woman to be so elected since the organization’s formation in 1886 and first layperson in nearly 50 years.

  • Rhea Lawson, director of the Houston Public Library, was elected to the Public Library Association’s Board of Directors.

  • Somer Newland is the emerging technologies Librarian at Houston Public Library

  • Former ALA president Loriene Roy (professor, The University of Texas,  School of Information) is one of six newly-elected individuals who will serve on the Board of Trustees of the Freedeom to Read Foundation (FTRF). She joins fellow Texans Gretchen McCord and ALA President-Elect Julie Todaro on the group.

  • Julie Todaro, Dean of Library Services at Austin Community College, has been elected president-elect of the American Library Association and is the first community college librarian to be elected to serve as the leader of the national organization for libraries.

  • The Top 10 Bookish Destinations in Texas offers a fun look at library and literary achievement. The write-up notes some of the tremendous reading assets in 10 Texas cities.
  • The Institute of Museum and Library Services announced earlier this spring 30 finalists for the National Medal for Museum and Library Service including the University of North Texas Libraries' Portal to Texas History (Denton).

  • Karen Vargas is now with the Outreach Evaluation Resource Center for the National Network of Libraries of Medicine.


  • Nelda Andrews, a Texas librarian, passed away in February.

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