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"Nightmare" by Megan Emerick

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All Texas Youth Creators Awards participants need a place for creating their works of art.  If you have room in your library it is a great idea to create a studio for young artists.  Most students in Texas schools can't afford their home studio, as a fully equipped computer with accessories and a large screen can cost well over $3000.

A good studio will have all of the software and hardware for all of the following uses:

  • creating movies with special effects and soundtracks
  • recording music with live instruments as well as sound loops and virtual instruments
  • Creating animation movies
  • Processing digital photographs

For some general information see these articles:

  1. How Recording Studios Word
  2. Choosing Video Editing Software
  3. Animation 101 from ThinkQuest

Both Windows and Macintosh computers have options for all of these uses. Some freeware is available, but professionals use the name brands. 

Created on Aug 11, 2010 | Last updated July 07, 2017