What My Library Means to Me

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Telling the Library Story

What is your library story? What do your students and customers say about your library?

As part of TLA’s legislative advocacy efforts, we are inviting all libraries to gather brief messages from their users about why they think the library is important.

From January 17 through February 14, we are asking Texas patrons to write a note about how they use the library and why is it important to them personally. What benefit does it have on their life?

We ask library supporters to collect these messages and to come to Legislative Day to hand deliver these messages to legislative offices.

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The purpose of this campaign is to get authentic customer/student comments about the real impact of libraries. While general feel-good messages are important, we need to hear real world examples and stories.

Library supporters who attend Legislative Day on February 16 will have a unique mission: to carry forward these messages from constituents from across the state.

Just print out copies of the 2-sided PDF notecard and place them around your library. Ask students and patrons to fill them out.

You may use the graphics
to publicize the library
message campaign
among your patrons.

The preview images at right
link to larger versions
that can be used for
signs, flyers, or buttons.

If you are planning on coming to Legislative Day, please bring all your letters with you. If you cannot attend, please mail the letters you have by Tuesday, February 8 to the TLA office (to ensure that we can include them in our Legislative Day visits on February 16). All other letters received can be given to someone who will be attending Legislative Day or can be mailed directly to your representative’s office.

You also have the option of letting your patrons log on and fill out an online survey. See the links on the right for your library type.

Contact Gloria Meraz if you have any questions.

Created on Jan 10, 2011 | Last updated January 20, 2011