2011 YARI Award Winner

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Because Gordon Korman was a visiting author, Wester Middle School designed a program around his books.  A road race competition pitted members of 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade teams in a reading contest that featured, as its prize, an “afternoon off” school (a full-length movie, food, and various other activities for the winning team). 

Students were allowed to read anything written by Korman, but 50 copies of specific books were provided to reading teachers in each grade to make for easier access.  Swindle and No More Dead Dogs were featured for 6th grade, Schooled and The Juvie Three for 7th, and The Juvie Three and Born to Rock for 8th.  Multiple copies of Korman’s MS-level books were also available for checkout at the library. 

Reading teachers tallied out-of-class and SSR reading each day; for each 1,000 pages read, a “Born to Rock” tour bus moved forward to the next mile marker on the Coast-to-Coast Challenge map.  The first team to read 25,000 pages would be declared the winner.  Every team in the school ended up reading the necessary 25,000 pages by the official end date and because of the three-way tie, the principal decreed that every team to finish the challenge could participate in the "afternoon off".


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Created on Sep 9, 2011 | Last updated July 15, 2015